Cherry Pie Installation 2

Go ahead. Hit the 'Wee!' button. You may or may not regret it.
What I do promise though is that you will enjoy doing so more than ingesting a bucket of screws marinated in toothpaste and bleach.
Zoom in. Pinch out. Move things around. Everything will come to a screeching halt at the end of the song.
The above will enable you to experience a charcuterie board of differently constipated, slightly asynchronous audio varieties distributed throughout the page.
All of the fleshy textures are close-ups of my elbows and palms. According to most people, they smell better than a landfill.
They even taste better than hand soap! Press '4' if you feel like it.
It won't do anything special. It'd just get you a little exercise. Feel free to share any neat angles you can screenshot.