Pixelated Flesh...

Organizing the activities of ubiquitous pink jello!


Greetings! I am a mammal who codes and plays the viola, mandolin, and keyboards. My goal is to expand the boundaries between our minds, artistic creation, science, and language by straddling the boundaries between them. I have performed and composed in a variety of settings, as well as worked in scientific environments. Many people told me to pick between STEM and music and I never quite completed this task. I strive to create new ways to consume music. Have a look around this page and adjacent ones.

Additional Adventures

For a more extensive code portfolio, please visit my GitHub page.


Plastic person sitting atop a bird feeder

Sex Appeal will exist in the near future!


A sampling of different musical endeavors and research over the years. I used to go by a different name. These include a SoundCloud in a variety of genres, as well as a stroke epidemiology paper I coauthored and a series of survey questions I contributed to an initiative at the University of Toronto to investigate motivations to seek art. To view the open-source project where I have made contributions (added the ability to create custom decay curves and made documentation more descriptive), please visit the Tone.js website.

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